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Susie Iventosch

Susie Iventosch

Even as a wife and mother of three grown children, I am still passionate about home cooking! And, as a taxpaying citizen, like you, who foots the bill of the lavish spending spree going on in Washington D.C., I am obsessed with the ridiculous tax code and progressive taxes we endure in this country. This is why I wrote a book titled Tax Bites & Tasty Morsels, Who’s Been Eating My Pie?

Cooking and entertaining have been wonderful hobbies for me for as long as I can remember. I was fortunate to inherit this trait from my mom and grandmother. It’s a family affair, really. My husband enjoys dabbling in the kitchen and our three children have now adopted a flair for cooking and entertaining, too. This makes me smile, because cooking for them has been a joy, except of course the occasional blue cooking funk, which I think every cook goes through from time to time! This is why new recipes are so important!

Several years ago, I landed the dream “job” of writing a food column for two community newspapers in Northern California. This work has given me the opportunity to scope out new recipes, research ingredients, prepare a variety of foods, meet charismatic restaurant chefs, and develop new recipes of my own. Cooking has been one of the focal points of my life.

Unfortunately, so has my tax bill!

My pet peeve is our nation’s tax structure. Not only is it oppressively progressive, but it is blatantly unfair. Why should the top five percent of taxpayers pay more than 60% of all personal income tax? It just doesn’t make any sense, and what’s more, those who don’t pay income tax, have absolutely no stake in the game. Since they foot none of the bill, they could care less that our nation’s leaders are spending us into oblivion. Economically speaking, our tax system is completely backwards. Since when has raising the tax burden ever returned a sustainable increase in government revenue?

As a way to combine my favorite pastime and my worst pet peeve, I decided to write a book about both. The result is a real cookbook, with a large helping of politics and a smorgasbord of tax trivia. Every recipe is accompanied by a “tax bite” an interesting tidbit about some of the wacky taxes we pay and the programs they fund. As you read about real recipes and “unreal” taxes, you might learn who’s been eating your pie, too!

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