Chapter List

Chapter I

Taxed From Beginning to End

 (Appetizers & Employment Tax)

Chapter II

From Soup to Nutty Taxes

 (Soups & Sales Tax)

Chapter III

Tossing Up Taxes!

 (Salads & Property Tax)

Chapter IV

Carbon-Free Carbs in Our Future?

(Pasta, Pizza & Carbon Cap and Tax)

Chapter V

The Main Event

(Entrees & Federal Income Tax)

Chapter VI

Politicians Love Their Pork

(Pork & Stimulus)

Chapter VII

Tax Munches and Corporate Lunches

 (Sandwiches & Corporate Income Tax)

Chapter VIII

Grocery Bill on Steroids

(Veggies & Farm Subsidies)

Chapter XI

Uncle Sam’s “Mini Me”

 (Potatoes, Rice, Stuffing & State Income Tax)

Chapter X

Please Pass the Gravy

(Sauces, Condiments & Capital Gains and Dividend Tax)

Chapter XI

Breadwinners vs. Boondogglers

(Breakfast ‘n Breads & Bailout Boondoggle)

Chapter XII

Un-Just Desserts, The Government’s Final Helping

(Dessert & Death Tax)

Chapter XIII

The Pork that Broke the Patriots’ Backs

 (Rise of the Tea Party Patriots)

Chapter XIV

Hallelujah! It’s Tax Freedom Day

 (Celebration Feast)

Chapter XV

One More Reason to Celebrate!

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